CANADA: True North, Strong and Free or Not?

I will be presenting information today that will be new to most of you. Please keep an open mind and read the supporting documents listed at the end of this article.

It has come to my attention while doing some research last week that the facts about the land mass we live on, namely Canada and its people are not what we have been led to believe.

If you remember back to your school days our Canadian History books stated as fact that Canada became a country July 1st, 1867. According to the research I did, the story is a little more involved than that.

First of all, what they called Confederation was an attempt at the union of the United Province of Canada (where Upper and Lower Canada became united in 1841), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This move proved to be invalid as in order for the provinces to federate they had to be independent and sovereign. They were still under the British Crown known as the provinces of British North America. The most they could hope for was to form one big colony uniting the 3 smaller colonies. The resulting name became the Dominion (Colony) of Canada.

Elmer Knutson in his book “Confederation a Myth” cites Lord Monck who was then Governor of Quebec and later on Governor General of Canada as having written in a letter to his superior, the Right Honorable Edward Cardwell M.P.:
"I must in the first place express my regret that the term "Confederation" was ever used in connection with the proposed Union of the British North American Provinces both because I think it an entire misapplication of the term and still more because I think the word is calculated to give a false notion of the sort of union which is desired. I might almost say which is possible, between the provinces.
A Confederation or Federal Union as I understand it, means a union of Independent Communities bound together for certain defined purposes by a treaty or agreement entered into in their quality of sovereign states, by which they give up to the central or federal authority for those purposes a certain portion of their sovereign rights retaining all other powers not expressly delegated in as ample a manner as if the Federation had never been formed.
If this be a fair definition of the term Federation and I think it is applicable to all those Federal Unions of which history gives us examples, it is plain that a Union of this sort could not take place between the provinces of British North America, because they do not possess the qualities which are essential to the basis of such a union.
They are in no sense sovereign or independent communities.
They possess no constitutional rights except those which are expressly conferred upon them by an Imperial Act of Parliament and the power of making treaties of any sort between themselves is not one of those rights.
The only manner in which a Union between them could be effected would be by means of an act of the Imperial Parliament which would accurately define the nature of the connection, and the extent of the respective powers of the central and local authorities, should any sort of union short of an absolute Legislative Consolidation be decided on.” (Elmer's note: the BNA Act was just that)
After much water under the bridge had passed, fast forward to 1931 came the signing of the Statute of Westminster. This statute finally gave Canada total sovereignty of each individual province should they wish to form a federation.

The problem: No one ever advised the population that their approbation was needed to ratify the statute either by vote or by referendum. This, my friends, leaves us without a constitution or a country. As it stands each province is an independent body unto itself and holds its own power of governance.

Why? We never agreed to the statute. Not even the Constitution Act of 1982 along with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms terminated the act of independence as we the people never ratified that either.

For those reading this who are old enough to remember when Pierre Elliott Trudeau was repatriating the Constitution, do you remember voting on this, or that a referendum was held for the people to approve? I sure don't. Please see an excerpt from the Kuhl document below:

Provinces Completely Sovereign
“Since the condition of sovereignty and independence must be enjoyed by the Provinces before they can federate, it was necessary that the British government relinquish its authority over them. This was done through the enactment of the Statute of Westminster on December 11, 1931. By section 7, paragraph 2, of this statute, the Provinces of Canada were made sovereign, free and independent in order that they might consummate the federal union which they wished to create in 1867, but were not permitted to do so.
Since December 11, 1931, the Provinces of Canada have not acted on their newly acquired status; they have not signed any agreement, they have not adopted a constitution, and the people of Canada have not ratified a constitution. Such action should have been taken immediately upon the enactment of the Statute of Westminster. It is by reason of the failure of the Provinces and of the people of Canada to take this action that all the anomalies in our present position exist. We have been trying since 1931 to govern ourselves federally, under an instrument which was nothing more than an act of the Imperial Parliament for the purpose of governing a colonial possession.
Not only has this anomalous condition obtained since 1931, but it has done so without any reference whatsoever having been made to the Canadian people. They have not been consulted on anything pertaining to constitutional matters. Before there can be a federal union in Canada and a federal government, the Provinces of Canada must be free and independent to consummate such a union. They have been free to do so since December 11, 1931, but they have not done so.”

So even after 1982, the required conditions to form a country which necessitates the approval of the population has not been completed. So much for the coming 150th anniversary of Canada. The joke is on us the people!
Only the PEOPLE can make Canada a country, not England, the Queen, a government provincial or federal. The power is with the people and nothing has been done since 1931!

 The Statute of Westminster requires the authorization of the people to activate it, the same applies to the Constitution Act of 1982.
In a letter from Mr. Kuhl to René Levèsque he states the following :
"So far as separation is concerned, rather than it being necessary to seek separation rights through a referendum, THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC IS ALREADY COMPLETELY CONSTITUTIONALLY SEPARATED FROM THE REST OF CANADA ! ! ! ! This is equally true of every other province in Canada and has been so since December 11, 1931, through the Statute of Westminster.

He goes on to say: “The following is a summary of the reasons for the things I have just stated:
1. At the time of Confederation movement in Canada, the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick desired to form a Federal Union.
2. The Quebec Resolutions of 1864 provided for a Federal Union.
3. The Bill drafted by the Canadian delegates at the London Conference in 1866 also provided for a Federal Union.
4. The Colonial Office of the Imperial Parliament was not disposed to grant the Provinces of Canada their request for a Federal Union.
5. The British North America Act enacted by the Imperial Parliament carried out neither the spirit nor the terms of the Quebec Resolutions.
6. Canada did not become a Federal Union or a Confederation under the British North America Act, but rather a United Colony. The privilege of federation, therefore, was still a future privilege for the provinces of Canada.
7. The Parliament of Canada did not become the government of Canada, much less a federal government; it became merely the central legislature of a United Colony, a legislative body whose only power was that of aiding and advising the Governor-General as agent of the Imperial Parliament.
8. The British North America Act, as enacted by the Imperial Parliament, was not a constitution but merely an act of the Imperial Parliament which united four colonies in Canada into one colony, with the supreme authority still remaining in the hands of the British government.
9. The privilege of federating became realizable for the provinces of Canada, only through the enactment of the Statute of Westminster on December 11, 1931. Through this statute, the Imperial Parliament relinquished to the people of Canada their sovereign rights, and through them to their Provincial governments as their most direct agents.
10. Since December 11, 1931, the Provinces of Canada have not acted on their newly acquired status in the forming of a Federal Union, nor have the people of Canada ratified a constitution. Therefore, the original proposition, namely: that all power to govern in Canada resides at the moment, with the Provinces of Canada; and, that all power legally remains there until such time as the Provinces sign an agreement and ratify a constitution whereby they may delegate such powers as they wish to a central government of their own creation. In the meantime, Canada exists as ten political units without a political superior.”

Furthermore, since Canada is not a country and is without a constitution, the government in place at the federal level is a DE FACTO government meaning that the federal government is a usurped government. Eldon G. Warman on the last page of the Kuhl document on his website has written:
“Where is the 'CROWN OF CANADA'???? Where is the 'THRONE OF CANADA'???? The Governor-General's webpage told us that the office of Governor-General of Canada is 'DE FACTO', which, in political terms, means 'WITHOUT AUTHORITY'. From where comes the 'AUTHORITY' of the corporate 'PARLIAMENT' or any Provincial 'LEGISLATURE' to make rules that must be obeyed by the free will adult men and women of Canada? That AUTHORITY cannot be found. The Canadian people never had opportunity to extend any of their individual unalienable rights to such a corporate body, any more than the Canadian people are subordinate to 'Joe's Trucking Company Inc.' The whole system of Government in Canada is a TOTAL 'FRAUD AND EXTORTION RACKET' OF THE MOST VILE KIND while imposing involuntary servitude (slavery) upon us. The imposition is by 'taxation' - the harvesting of the wages of owned slaves. And that includes court fines for non-victim crimes - disobedience to legislated rules, and the use of such as the Motor Vehicle Act, and other legislated Acts/statutes to extract 'tax-fines' from us.” (note from Ann Magoon: the intended Carbon Tax?)
In a 2010 update, Eldon Warman adds the following: Update: December 2010.
"It appears that the Monarch of Great Britain is acting as the agent for the corporate administrative body of the City of London, a city/state within England owned by the administrative corporation of the Vatican city/state - the Holy Roman Empire. British Monarchs were made vassals to the secular Holy Roman Empire in the King John treaty with the Pontiff of Rome in 1213 (FOREVER). Some apologists attempt to imply that the King Henry VIII church break-away ended that obligation. Others say it was the English revolution of the early 1600s, where King Charles I was beheaded. However, the continued administration of England by an incorporated body politic, the English Crown, a sub-corporate body under the corporate Crown of the City of London, (deceptively called the 'BRITISH CROWN) which, in turn is a sub-corporate body under the head fascist corporation of the World, the Holy Roman Empire, where the Pontiff (Pontifex Maximus), the CEO of that corporate body is declared to be ''RULER OF THE WORLD'.
"I use the term 'fascist' because the primary symbol of the Holy Roman Empire is the 'fasces' 'fasces', a symbol seen in all subordinate Government symbology in the Western World. And that RULE is performed using FORCE, FEAR, FALSE HOPE, BRIBERY, FIAT MONEY, and LOYAL BANKSTERS through such sub organizations of the Holy Roman Empire as the Rothschild Banking Empire, Jesuit Order, the Knights of Malta, OPUS DEI, the FREEMASONS, Professional Standards (University degrees), and the Roman controlled version of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, such as the Temple BAR. You will find that almost all elected politicians and key bureaucrats in Canada fall under one or more of these organizations.

This ends the first article of this series. Stay tuned for more to come.
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  1. INTERESTING. I just finished telling Canadians we ceased being a sovereign nation when trudeau removed all border laws and welcomed the entire globe to cross freely, none denied, none screened and none removed, and to claim refugee so they can all live off of us while being completely exempt from our laws. Canada is not only non sovereign, according to this, we aren't even a nation and the best part is trudeau has no say !!!! I figured he had no say the minute he destroyed our sovereignty anyways!