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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


  In view of the plethora of information competing for our attention these days it is confusing to sort it all out, and this goes for metaphysical, spiritual and philosophical information as well. Many who spout out information do so out of their own agendas to manipulate, confuse, deceive, disrupt and distract, but others are not necessarily aware that they are deceiving, they are just repeating what they have heard. Others may do so our of a need for recognition and a need to be heard. Yet others totally believe they are spreading truth and don't realize they are misguided. But the result is the same. Words form public opinion. Certain words are used with the intention to produce specific results. This is how words seduce in order to persuade the intended recipient toward a particular view. Repeated often enough they become belief. In turn those beliefs are based on nothing other than the re-publication or re-broadcast of lies over and over again. There is no base in fact for these information items and one would be sore pressed to find proper references to back up  said facts. In marketing that is how public opinion is formed. Marketing practices have been known to use mind control techniques to suggest ideas to the subconscious mind. They may tell you  some truth, but they omit the whole truth which makes it a lie. Others may play on your emotions. We are too trusting! Another thing, would you trust Monsanto to tell you the truth about anything with their record of duplicitous practices? What do you know about the people or organizations that feed you information? Not only are we to research the information itself, but also the source of that information. If they have doubtful allegiance with unfavorable groups, what would be their motive in giving such information? Done over prolonged periods of time over and over again world views have been manipulated. In short, in many cases, we have been hypnotized. It has been said, rare is the man who has had an original thought in his whole life.

  It is our intention here at Guideposts to Truth to help sort out the muddle. Most people don't have the time or the inclination to properly research what they hear or read. They get caught up in the flurry of information traffic, fall victim to biased, partisan information that catches people unaware because they didn't bother to research what information they were exposed to. This can happen to the best of us. Who has time to research when you might have two or more jobs, a family to feed and look after plus all else that makes up for our busy lives? Believe it or not, that is also part of the manipulation, to keep us so busy, we don't have time to settle down and take time for introspection, but that's another story.

The long and short of it is that it is our responsibility to do our research. If you sign a contract and don't read the small print, you're still responsible for what applies to you. It's the same for the ideas you accept into your belief system. Those unexamined belief systems serve their intended purpose and one case in point is the sorry state our society is in today. We believed what we were taught to believe because our parents, authority figures, and friends believed them. Many of those went unexamined and unquestioned and we took for granted that everything was fine until we woke up one day and it wasn't. Do we want to make those same mistakes again? I, for one, do not. In short, we would only have ourselves to blame.

  The blog will be published as material comes up to examine. I will use either items that I find on the internet or trends of information. Questions or suggestions of material are also encouraged in the comment section. References in the form of videos, audio, text will be used to back up the research done on any given subject I decide to work on. I will let you know if I can work on a particular topic you may want to submit as some topics may not be verifiable.  In the end of it all, it is up to you the reader to discern for yourself.       

 P.S. In submitting a topic you may want to have researched please include your email so I can answer whether it's something I can work on or if I need clarification from you.  Thanks.

Ann Magoon

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been  fooled"
Mark Twain 

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